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Bakersfield, CA Testimonial

January 2001


My name is Robert B., and I live in Bakersfield CA. Tonight I was trying to get my thoughts together for the dance we will be having next month, and I thought I'd do a websearch (your website came up). About six years ago I read the article in Focus on the Family magazine, about your Father Daughter Valentine Dance (at the time I had a newborn daughter). It took a couple of years for me to get the courage to put the dance together, but since that time, it has taken on a life of it's own. This year (the 4th) we will have the opportunity to bless about 400 fathers and daughters, by packing out the dining hall at our Church. There does not appear to be another event of it's kind, and it has turned out to be a major outreach event for our church. As a result of your original idea, hundreds of fathers and daughter in Bakersfield are being blessed, and families are growing stronger. Please include Bakersfield in your list of locations. 

God Bless

Robert B.
Bakersfield, CA

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