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Greensboro, NC Testimonial

February 2001


Thanks so much for your help in setting up our first dance. Our event was
held Friday Feb 9 at a city owned clubhouse which was a wonderful setting.
Our church did not allow dances at the church, but wholeheartedly endorsed
it and let us advertise it there.
We had an organizing committee of 8 couples and it was amazing how God
provided us all the talents we needed.

We sold out 350 tickets in 3 Sundays and could have sold more. This being
our first year, we limited it so we could get a handle on what was
involved. We had a wide range of attendees youngest from 1 year to a daughter 
40 years old who brought her dad.
One dad with 4 daughters rented a limo and it was parked out front the
whole evening after they arrived which led to a neat environment out
front. Another dad rented a Cinderella type ball gown for his daughter.
Some ideas that our people did were: A large cardboard heart was covered
with fabric, lace, and decorations, and placed near the front entrance.
Everyone signed their name on it throughout the evening. We plan to
display it as part of our ticket sales next year and also as a decoration for
future year's dances to come.  It was a big hit. A highlight of the evening was 
dancing to Butterfly kisses. On the way out we gave favors of Hershey's Kisses 
wrapped up with netting to the girls and gave a Father's Prayer card to the dads.
It was a fabulous event, most everything went very well, thanks to your
manual and to the Lord. We will be doing it again for years to come. I'm
going to try to send some attachments to you of things we used and did.

Thanks again for all your help,

Grace reigns,

Spencer T.
Greensboro, NC 

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