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The Father-Daughter Valentine Dance Guide

Father Daughter Valentine Dance Guide Book

About the Guide Book

                       In 1993 the first St. Mark's Church, Father-Daughter Valentine Dance was held. It is now one of the most popular celebrations in the City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts where it began. It is also being duplicated all across the United States.

           The booklet " The Father-Daughter Valentine Dance Guide" is available for a contribution of $10.00. It is a complete guide and "how to" manual for those who want to hear from the expert on the subject. It has color photos a budget and much more. For a copy send your check payable to Jim Massery and mail to:

Jim Massery
23 Euclid Ave.
Pittsfield, Ma 01201
Email for more information.

           We will return the booklet to you right away, first class mail, postage paid. This is the same celebration you may have read about in the 1996 November issue of Focus on the Family Magazine, or the 1997 Spring/Summer issue of McMoms Newsletter. Our purpose is to help families provide a quality evening together for Dads and their Daughters of all ages. With the hope of forging stronger friendships between the generations. It has been said that a young girls first male love is her father. If she does not find the attention from him that her heart craves she will search for it elsewhere, sometimes in the wrong place with the wrong person. We Dads want to set a dating standard of love and respect for our daughters. We want to show them how to have fun in a drug-free, alcohol-free and violence-free environment. We realize that with God's help and the Dads there it is almost guaranteed. It is our vision that this concept will eventually be in every community across the country. It has been confirmed in hundreds of locations in all 50 states. The movement is a ministry not a fund raising or business scheme. If I can ever be of service to you please call me at my voice-mail, 413-447-9907.

God Bless You

Jim Massery


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