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Meridian, MS Testimonial

January 2002

Hello Mr. Massery,

Meridian Christian Home Educators will be hosting its first annual "My First Sweetheart Valentine Celebration" on February 8th, 2002. We ask your prayers that evening as I am sure your dance will be on the same evening for the 10th year! A group met last week to begin preparations and we are very excited!! Thank you for sharing your vision and praise God our Father for His divine wisdom. I am impressed with guide book and we are using it to the full extent. For now, we are planning a few alternate activities to go along with our dance. In rooms off the main area we plan to have a tea party for little girls to come and go and serve their daddies tea, a craft (glue only) and possibly simple games and activities. 

I just wanted to share our excitement with you and let you know that Meridian, Mississippi is now "on the map" with a Father/Daughter dance. This year, since we have started a wee bit late, we are limiting participation to the Home Educators group with about 125 families, but I envision this being a community wide event next year.

May God continue to bless this ministry.

John and Trish D
Meridian, MS

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