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Merrimack, NH Testimonial

February 2001

Dear Jim,

We just had our 1st dance last night, 2/17/01 at Riverside Christian
Church in Merrimack, NH and it was a real success!!
We did a "trial" run this year and just advertised in house and had about
40 come out of a possible 50. We were missing about 8 due to illness. We
plan to open it up next year to the community at large and are looking
forward to how God will bless those who come and help with stronger

We basically just copied your ideas and added a few changes. We had ours
after because our church does an adult valentines event on or right before.
So this keeps the marriage as the primary relationship and the children
right after. Second, we used a digital camera and computer printer instead
of the Polaroid. The sheets of "good" paper cost .50 cents, with 3 1/2 x 5, 
we got 4 pictures to a page. Each page cost $1.00 to printout and they
come out great !!! We rented a helium tank for 110 balloons for $30.00 and
with the cost of balloons, balloon clips for the arch and ribbon that came
to about $60.00. And lastly, we also used the computer to print out our
tickets on "good" paper at the church at no cost. Being our first year and
with no budget, we wanted and needed to keep the cost as low as possible.

Thanks for making it so easy this first time with your guide, it was worth
the money and the memories are priceless of course.

In God's service,

Will and Marci D.
Merrimack, NH

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