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Please Read and Cherish...

Prayer for Fathers

        Heavenly Father, through your love and guidance, help me be a caring  and devoted father. Give me patience to listen with sincerity and wisdom to answer with truth. Help me not to insult that which is important to my child.

        Grant us opportunities Lord for quality time. Help me always point to you.  Let me teach courage in adversity and to learn from my child's simple faith.

        Cause occasion to demonstrate respect for the elderly and those in authority. Give me the inspiration to forewarn my child of the world's evils and empty promises.

        Thank you Lord for the mother of my child. Through our  love may we guide  our child  to a loving mate someday.

        Help me be a good example to other fathers.

        May my entire family spend eternity with you  through the gift of Your Son Jesus Christ.




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