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South Africa Testimonial

October 2000

Dear Jim

It is with great joy and humility and thanks to God......we had our first "father/daughter dance.!!! It took place on Friday the 13th of October 2000. We would like to thank you so very much for your generous input into this evening of ours. Thanks a million for the book you so kindly sent us. It was a great help and we followed your advice meticulously. 

At first we were wondering where, what, how, when... and it all fell into place so wonderfully that we all believe the Lord has a very special ministry concerning Dads and daughters. We have 3 daughters and Nico was the only proud father with all three of his daughters. Everyone who helped were just miraculously motivated and so keen the plans just flowed and the interesting ideas were heartwarming. Our photographs looked very much the same as yours. Dads and girls dancing and balloons flying and being bounced around. it inspired the imaginations of so many Dads that we had a dad of 78 with his daughter and another one of 65 and 38. A few dads brought 2 girls. They were in their prettiest dresses and dads were in bowties and without us giving too much detail the Lord ministered to them all deep down. Our faithful after- preacher, the Holy Spirit really did it all.

Our Pastor, without detail form us, was weeping as he told his wife the realization that dawned upon him : the immense privilege he experienced of being the first man to accompany his daughter to her first formal evening out.
There were still 40 fathers who wanted to attend but we had a full-house. We are, God willing having our follow-up function in April 2001.

It was nice being prepared, because lo + behold everyone was insisting on when we were having the Mother/Son function! We could also happily and regretfully hand it over to those who want it and are led to do this.

It was so wonderful I cannot describe it all. The dances were introduced by a Mom and she got every single dad involved in group dances and then she left them to it. We had the most beautiful and inspiring talk by a loving teacher who in her very special way gave the girls and dads much to chew on to enjoy and to cry over.

We thank you for your input and generosity and sharing with us this wonderful event.

Kind regards

Nico and Treska 
South Africa 

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